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Car thieves target certain types of cars in downtown Milwaukee and do so in broad daylight.

A woman from the brewery district filmed everything on video. The car was stolen in less than two minutes – at 11 a.m.

Police say Kias and Hyundais are the most targeted and the stolen car was a silver Hyundai.

“I have these stickers here as a GPS tracking system,” Clare Masterson said. She takes no risks.

“It’s the wheel lock, it’s the club,” she said. “So my vehicle was broken into and attempted to be stolen twice.”

Clare Masterson shows how to install a club on her Hyundai

But last Sunday she filmed the last attempt. It happened right outside his window.

“We saw a group of about five children, split up with two stolen vehicles and they were trying to steal a third,” she said.

Masterson says she called the police and before she knew it, her neighbor’s car was gone

Video of thieves stealing a vehicle.

so, like I said, it had probably been two minutes when they got in the car, started and were on their way,” she said.

The woman whose car was stolen didn’t want to go on camera. Masterson says she feels for her and wants to spread the word.

“There’s not much we can do, but if people can take recordings, get pictures of their faces, things like that, that might help,” Masterson said. “Just turn the key and you can remove it,”

With her wheel lock and GPS tracker in place, she hopes these precautions will prevent her from falling victim again.

“It’s so frustrating to have to go through the trauma of feeling vulnerable and having your property damaged for no good reason,” she said.

So far this year, Milwaukee police have reported over 3,300 stolen cars and counting.

According to the police, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to have a steering lock.

]]> Darvin Ham gets second interview for Hornets job Tue, 17 May 2022 18:03:00 +0000

Two of the Milwaukee Bucks’ top assistant coaches, Darvin Ham and Charles Lee, have recently generated considerable interest in head coaching searches for the opposing team.

The pair both made their rounds in the first round of interviews, but it looks like Ham impressed enough to land a second interview. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, Ham to interview for the second time with the Charlotte Hornets, and he has now become a “serious candidate” for the job. Both Ham and Lee have had talks with Charlotte, and it looks like the former has a serious shot at landing the gig for his first NBA head coaching job.

Reactions to Milwaukee Bucks assistant Darvin Ham landing second Charlotte Hornets interview

It seemed inevitable for weeks that Darvin Ham would land a head coaching job this offseason, with the bigger question being which team. In addition to the Hornets, Ham had also done interviews with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. After this first round of coaching interviews, it seems safe to say that the Hornets are the first to land Ham’s services, and that’s certainly interesting, given what the opportunity could present for a manager- leader for the first time.

Of all the coaching jobs Ham have been linked to this offseason, Charlotte’s opener has been seen as the most desirable. Not only are the Hornets led by a 20-year-old All-Star in LaMelo Ball, they have a strong supporting cast that could make waves in the East for years to come if they get the right voice in the locker room. . Ham was always seen as a big voice for the Bucks while he was Mike Budenholzer’s top assistant, and he could be just what the Hornets need to lead them every night as a coach of the younger side. things himself.

Other candidates linked to the position have been Charles Lee, Mike D’Antoni, Terry Stotts and a handful of other recognizable names in the coaching carousel. As of this writing, Ham is the only one on tap to get a second interview, and things seem to be tilting in his favor. A head coaching job for Ham is long overdue, and it currently looks like the Hornets could be the team to finally give him the well-deserved opportunity. The Lakers still have interest as they are still looking for their next head coach, and maybe they will step up their pursuit following this news about Ham and the Hornets. Only time will tell on that front, but things are looking good for Milwaukee‘s top assistant coach.

For now, good luck with Head Coach Darvin’s second interview!

Stay tuned to see how things go for Ham as he currently stands as a strong contender to land the Charlotte Hornets head coaching job. Right now, it seems inevitable that Ham will be sidelined for a lucky organization when the 2022-23 NBA season begins.

Why do the Milwaukee Bucks have an “M” patch on their jerseys? Sun, 15 May 2022 16:05:38 +0000

If you’re a sports fan, a jersey is usually an essential piece of your wardrobe. It is your mark of belonging, which visibly marks you as part of a larger group. Even if the fan sitting next to you is a stranger, you can tell if they are friend or foe by looking at their shirt.

Take the Milwaukee Bucks as an example. Although there have been many variations over the years, ranging from cream to an all blue edition, the message is the same. You recognize the jersey when you see it and, in turn, you know who is on your side.