Districts in Southern Wisconsin Prepare to Host School-Wide Clinics to Easily Vaccinate Students

LODI, Wisconsin. – With the coronavirus vaccine now available to all high school students, districts in southern Wisconsin expect they will be busy this summer … not in class, but in the “clinic.”

While schools are not demanding all students are receiving the COVID vaccine at the moment, they are should play an important role in the vaccination of pupils. Less than a week after Lodi District hosted its first school-wide vaccination clinic for students, District Administrator Vince Breunig is already planning a second one, which he hopes will will take place before the end of the semester.

“Having it in a school shows we think it’s safe,” Breunig said. “It’s just one more step towards a return to normalcy.”

Vaccinated students no longer need to self-quarantine when exposed to someone with COVID, which keeps them in class and eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

Host clinics at schools also provide additional convenience to parents.

“We are able to get them in, out and back to class so parents don’t have to find time in their day,” said Brian Borowski, principal of Waunakee High School.

Two months after partnering with SSM Health to immunize all teachers, Waunakee is preparing to host its first district-wide student immunization clinic this Thursday, May 13 from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

As per CDC guidelines, all students 12 and older will be able to receive their first set of plans, with the second set just before summer vacation.

“Next fall seems to be, which I always hope is very normal for all of us,” Borowski said, adding: “Because that’s what we’re desperately looking for.”

Click here to connect with the Waunakee School District and learn more about their upcoming vaccination clinic.

Click here to connect with the Lodi School District and stay up to date with the latest information on future immunization clinics.

SSM Health Partners With Several Other Districts In Madison Area To Host Immunization Clinics at schools.

Click here to schedule your appointment for a vaccine through SSM Health.

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