Paul George reveals the most exciting games for the Clippers this year

With the return of Kawhi Leonard, the LA Clippers expect to be back this season. With heightened expectations comes heightened excitement, and star striker Paul George is looking forward to that element.

During a recent interview with Finish Line, George was asked which matchups he is most looking forward to this season. While he’s acknowledged that he and the Clippers have bad blood with opponents, there are certain games that Paul George is most excited for.

“The obvious is opening night, that game against the Lakers,” George said. “For me, those are the fun games. I don’t think I personally have bad blood, or the Clippers team has bad blood with any team, so it’s not on the schedule. because we want revenge… it’s more so that we know which one [games] are going to be fun, interesting games that are going to bring out the best in us.”

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After highlighting the opening night game against the Lakers, George said: “Any time you play the defending champions, you know the Warriors are definitely on the roster. And I think the opportunity to go against, we don’t. I don’t know yet, but one of the best teams in the East in Milwaukee.”

George said those three matchups, with the Lakers, Warriors and Bucks, will be great opportunities for the Clippers to see where they stand. For the fans, these will definitely be three of the most exciting matchups as well.

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