Weekend roundup: Wausau executives condemn comments by anti-Black Lives Matter group

After a week of diversity controversy in Marathon County, community members are opposing an anti-Black Lives Matter event scheduled to take place in Wausau on Saturday.

The group speaking at Saturday’s event is called “Every Black Life Matters” and thinks there is “one race” and “every life counts”, the Wausau Daily Herald reported.

Wausau school board members Ka Lo and Jane Rusch released a statement on Friday morning condemning the event.

“The behavior that was allowed to occur at the Marathon County Council educational meeting on May 20, 2021 was heinous and we condemn all forms of bullying,” they said in the statement. “We are absolutely appalled that guests from our community come here and blatantly attack a leader of our city and our community.

We called them heroes. How are we going to support Wisconsin healthcare workers as they battle the trauma of COVID?

Healthcare workers are feeling exhausted and traumatized after spending more than a year losing more patients than usual and working stressful long hours to help stem the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the pandemic, people working in the medical field already felt exhausted, and after last year some feel it even more. The work is simply demanding.

“Imagine the worst-case scenario at your job, every day, for a year. Why would you stay that way?” Kelsey Vandersteen, trauma nurse at UW Health, told reporter Madeline Heim.

Like Heim reports for the Green Bay Press Gazette, “Over the past year, health workers have witnessed an unprecedented level of illness and death – sometimes needing to treat patients in hallways or parking lots, and holding pills so loved ones can tell. goodbye remotely. Meanwhile, many Americans were turning a blind eye to the threat of the virus, even calling it a hoax. “

Heim looks at the support exhausted healthcare workers need and are receiving as the world emerges from the pandemic.

Wisconsin received $ 2 million in grants to help fund mental health support for healthcare workers and employees in long-term care facilities. Some hospitals set up telephone lines that employees of psychiatric departments can call.

Hospitals also hold mindfulness sessions and create special rooms for staff to decompress and relax.

Employers can also promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging time off, talking about trauma and recognizing the hard work of employees, an expert said.

Wisconsin employers reflect on future of mask mandates after CDC drops some mask requirements

Employers must decide whether or not to lift their mask wearing rules after federal and local mask requirements are dropped.

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Some companies require employees to provide copies of vaccination cards. Some come out of an honor system.

Since Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcement To drop most mask requirements for fully vaccinated people, more and more domestic companies have announced that they are eliminating their mask wearing requirements. And as the vaccination rate increases every day, more and more companies are faced with this decision.

A recent survey of the downtown Milwaukee Business Improvement District found that nearly 55% of employers plan to return to work by September and more than 70% plan to return to work by the end of 2021.

Independent pro baseball team arrive at Oconomowoc

The American Association of Professional Baseball – an official partner league of Major League Baseball – has announced that Oconomowoc will be home to the league’s 12th team.

Lake Country, the stadium and training center, is slated to open in 2022, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reports.

“The American Association has always maintained a high standard of innovation, with top notch facilities, the best players and the best operators in the best markets for minor league baseball. This new baseball stadium and these operators We will certainly be no exception. We look forward to this innovative stadium and team playing ball in 2022, “said Joshua Schaub, commissioner of the American Association of Professional Baseball.

A competition to nominate the team has been launched and fans have until May 28 to submit their ideas. The winner will be announced on June 10.

Restaurants welcome customers again, but say mask rules force them to rely on trust

As many mask mandates and indoor capacity limits are reduced or expired across the country, many restaurants and bars are trying to figure out how to accommodate hungry crowds again in the post-vaccination era.

Overall, the hospitality industry has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic as many customers have stayed at home as governments enacted public safety measures aimed at restricting crowd sizes. As state and local governments lifting or changing their mask mandates, businesses like restaurants and bars were left to develop and enforce their own rules. Restaurants are among many businesses trying to fully reopen while continuing to protect workers and attract customers.

Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Science and Industry at the National Restaurant Association, told NPR that businesses like restaurants and bars were left to develop and enforce their own rules. The National Restaurant Association, the largest professional catering association that represents nearly 500,000 establishments, has told its members to operate confidently when it comes to advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lynch said.

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