Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Rules Revision Process Begins


The policy council of the Department of Natural Resources began the process of reviewing the Wisconsin wolf hunting rules on Wednesday, May 26.

The revisions could ban night hunting and shorten the window for registering victims after hunters exceeded their quota in February.

The council authorized the ministry to schedule a hearing on a general proposal to revise the regulations at a meeting Wednesday morning without discussion. Specific changes will not be on the official agenda, but MNR officials told the board in a note earlier this month they want to eliminate nighttime hunting, create a shorter recording window, and create area-specific beacons rather than statewide beacons to get a better read of destruction totals in different regions. The hearing will be the first step towards the reviews.

The Trump administration removed wolves from the federal endangered species list in January. Wisconsin law requires the MNR to hold a wolf hunt from November through February if wolves are fair game.

The department was preparing for a hunt in November, but the Hunter Nation hunter advocacy group won a court order forcing the start of February.

The season was rushed, and state-licensed hunters killed 218 wolves in four days, exceeding their quota of 119 animals and forcing MNR to end the season three days earlier.

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